Learning Transfer

We deploy accountability frameworks post training
to transfer learning into the workplace.

We deploy methodologies to drive learning transfer

Drive Application

We support learning initiative with accountability frameworks post training.

Successful training delivery is just the start of the learning transfer process. We have established a structured approach to hold learners to account and drive application in the workplace.

Accountability Frameworks

We pick up where traditional training program drop off. Using a structured accountability framework and periodic review we drive behavioural change which sees application of learnt skills in the workplace.

Programmed Reinforcement

Utilising technology tailored to deliver varied content and verification at spaced intervals to extend learning and reflection to the work environment. Suitable for use alone or in conjunction with other noted methods.

e Learning

Revisit face to face learning or explore extensions to mastered materials at times most convenient to the business and the individual with e-Learning modules designed to support business outcomes.

Action Learning Projects

A powerful approach to have program participants commit to applying skills to solve real work place problems with guided support. Methods to complete with internal line manager or external support.

Coaching & Assessment

Organisational learning extends beyond formal training to application in the workplace. We support organisations with in workplace coaching, phone coaching and assessment services.

ROI Metrics

Don’t rely on outdated measurement of general satisfaction. Define up front the business impact that justifies the investment and measure progress to this objective at multiple levels in real time.

Achieve greater Value from your existing training investment

Our Approach

Training retention is routinely reported at only 10 ~ 20% in studies targeting methods to improve training delivery. This result is little improved through the adoption of in workplace learning methods such as those advocated in 70:20:10 and Action Learning without addressing the issue of learner accountability.

We believe that the maximum leverage for learning is driven not from continuing to polish the diamond but from gaining commitment and holding learners to account through a structured approach in the months following engagement. We can support this approach directly or help organisations do this for themselves.

Outcome Focused

Identify the problem to be solved.

Our approach to learning transfer starts with understanding the business problem to be solved. Whether maximising your investment in our programs or your existing training we can then adopt a structured approach to support sustainable change.