Supervisory & Leadership Programs

We deliver improved business outcomes by targeting
leaders capability in the areas of greatest impact.

We work with individuals to develop capability

Our Programs

We deliver a range of professional development programs across the noted areas of practice.

Our programs offer either a deep dive on individual skill focus areas targeted to equip leaders to deliver outcomes for their organisation, or a cross section of skills for the broader development programs.

Supervisor Essential Skills

Essential tools for new and emerging leaders to move into a position of supervision and be effective in the role. Suitable to sharpen skills and application of experienced supervisors.

Leading Teams

Providing Supervisors at all levels with the foundation knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead teams and provide an environment where team members feel valued, included and heard.

Effective Communication

Drawing on long standing communication principles and contemporary research to explore practical approaches in the work place to task assignment, conflict resolution and creating buy in.

Risk Management

Understanding operational risk management, effective practices and ensuring all roles within the team work at the right level.

Safety Leadership

Providing leaders with the framework and tools necessary for effective Safety Leadership, team engagement and the establishment and maintenance of a proactive positive safety culture.

Performance Management

Performance management practices that apply both a fair and valid process focused on managing unacceptable performance back on track.


Developing the knowledge and skill necessary for leaders to understand their individual resilience profile and develop a plan to build professional resilience over time.

Business Improvement

Application of tools and processes to focus teams on continuous improvement and optimisation to create greater engagement and drive better business outcomes.

If you have Leaders we will help them deliver outcomes

Our Approach

Astute Learning develops operational and functional leaders to be at the forefront of promoting a safe and effective culture in the workplace.

Our facilitators have experience at all levels of leadership development and we have specific expertise in the development of those emerging and established Supervisors, Superintendents and Functional Specialists operating at the work interface.

Too often this integral part to the workforce is engaged without the opportunity to ‘tool up’ with supervisory and leadership skills. Astute Learning’s programs offer this support.


Programs aligned with individual businesses.

Our standard programs are typically defined by and aligned with individual organisations needs. They extend beyond simple workshops to include branding, action learning and workplace reinforcement to ensure traction.